Edeia of the Month

The Edeia/Fusion of the Month is simply an invitation for all of you to draw the featured Edeia! Something nice to do, if you're in the giving spirit. It could be something simple or not, but be sure to tag the owner if you do make anything. You can also submit to the Events dA group folder.

Edeia of the Month: Cita

Owner: ediepop
TH Profile | dA Listing

Name: Cita

Idea: Excitement

Gender: Nonbinary
Pronouns: they/them

An Edeia representing the Idea of Excitement.

Fusion of the Month: Concord

Fusion between Order and Pacific

Owner: Auspice
TH Tab

Name: Concord
Pronouns: they/she/any
Fusion Masterlist: #41

A fusion between Pacific and Order, two Edeia who are close friends with one another. Order originally sought out Pacific for practical reasons, to assist in making the establishment of a supergovernment go smoothly. Over time, however, Pacific was able to breach Order's more emotional side and establish a strong friendship - and Concord came to be as part of the progression of that friendship.

In terms of abilities, Concord has the ability to keep others calm, rational, and open to empathy and understanding. This is particularly applicable for arguments or negotiations or such where others might angrily reject an idea immediately. Additionally, they can exert a subtle influence of compliance towards a majority decision - the more people agree with something, the more even more people will agree. This does not take away free will, however, and others are still able to make counterarguments, suggestions, etc. which will be received openly and civilly due to Concord's calming aura.

About Edeia/Fusion of the Month

The Edeia/Fusion of the Month is mostly a monthly appreciation of an Edeia and a fusion. The Edeia is chosen with the help of a random number generator. Since there are numerous Edeia and fusions, each character can only be featured once. One thing you might consider is drawing the Edeia and/or Fusion of the Month for your prompt!

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