Edeia of the Month

The Edeia/Fusion of the Month is simply an invitation for all of you to draw the featured Edeia! Something nice to do, if you're in the giving spirit. It could be something simple or not, but be sure to tag the owner if you do make anything. You can also submit to the Events dA group folder.

Edeia of the Month: Xire

Owner: Mindscape
TH Profile | dA Listing

Name: Xire
Idea: Anxiety
Pronouns: xe/xem/xyr
Masterlist: #26

A once sinister Edeia who used to enjoy causing great distress to others. Following xyr encounter with Bastiel and Mor, xe has been sealed away in xyr Abstraction to think on xyr actions. Choosing to reform rather than dissociate, Xire has since been freed and now wanders around trying to help those who are struggling with anxieties by taking on their burdens for them.

Fusion of the Month: Risim

Fusion between Truth and Armageddon (Midnight and Ini-meg)

Owner: Auspice and VoidGremlin
dA Listing | TH Tab (Truth) | TH Tab (Arma)

Name: Risim (short for Verisimilitude)
Pronouns: they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #44

Risim is a three-way fusion between Truth (the Edeia of Truth), Midnight (the Edeia of Gremlin), and Ini-meg (a non-Edeia celestial), though it is particularly a fusion between Truth and Armageddon, the fusion between Midnight and Ini-meg.

While Midnight's chaotic nature normally conflicts with Truth's solemn and serious nature, Armageddon and Truth get along quite well. Armageddon is much more calm and collected, and Truth does not mind her more timid and wary nature, either. Truth had invited Armageddon to join them for their meditations, and through conversations and company, they developed a good friendship that eventually resulted in their fusion.

As Risim, they have Truth's penchant for brutal honesty and sharp words. They are still wary of others, but their guardedness manifests more in verbal reprimands than physical attacks. They may at times have less of a filter, but they still speak only the truth.

Despite their intimidating presence, they have a great fondness for soft things and enjoy tactile comforts and affectionate gestures. That said, an individual must be trusted by all three components to at least some extent to be trusted by Risim, so most only get the receiving end of their more standoffish side.

Bonus note: their palms are supremely soft.

About Edeia/Fusion of the Month

The Edeia/Fusion of the Month is mostly a monthly appreciation of an Edeia and a fusion. The Edeia is chosen with the help of a random number generator. Since there are numerous Edeia and fusions, each character can only be featured once. One thing you might consider is drawing the Edeia and/or Fusion of the Month for your prompt!

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