This page is all about how you can get an Edeia!

In general, I will make a Toyhouse profile to upload the art and sort out information. Once you acquire an Edeia, I can transfer it to you if you have a Toyhouse account, but this is not mandatory. The Toyhouse page will include a flat/transparent reference.


Barring extenuating circumstances, all Edeia-related transactions will be done though PayPal, typically using my PayPal link. My intended currency is USD, though PayPal will handle conversions (for an additional fee on my side).


Auctions are hosted on Deviantart and will have a starting bid (SB), minimum increase (MI), and autobuy (AB) options. There may be multiple autobuy options, and they usually have a reward artwork. There is a folder for open adopts, but they tend to go fairly quickly. They will be announced in the Discord server prior to posting on Deviantart.

Generally, auctions will end 24 hours after the last bid, and you will have 48 hours to pay. If you fail to pay, then the auction will revert to the last bid with another 24-hour extension.


You are guaranteed a hold for an Edeia that is up for auction under the following conditions: 

If you do not meet these conditions but would still like to try for a hold, contact me and we can discuss.

Payment Plans

You may request a payment plan before you place an autobuy (perhaps, if I post the Edeia in the Discord server and you want to try when they are public). You must state how many payments you intend to make and how long it would take for you to complete payment. The first payment will generally be due immediately after you place the autobuy. 

For each additional separate payment, you must pay an additional 5 USD. For instance, if you want to split the payment of an autobuy of 120 USD over 6 months, you must pay 25 USD each month, except for the first month where you can just pay 20 USD. 

You may pay earlier, and if you pay in full with the first payment, then you will not be subject to additional fees. 

The character will only belong to you and be transferred after full payment is complete.

You have a total of ten late days. I will try to remind you if I forget, but if you use up all your late days, I will return the payments to you minus the 5 USD fees of each payment, and you will lose your claim on the Edeia. You have a cooldown of one month before you are allowed to try again for the same Edeia if it is available. 

Notion Slots

Notion slots are where you give me an Idea and some info, and then I make the Edeia! It is essentially a wildcard Edeia, mostly up to me. The status of the slots can be seen on my Trello board.  

Understand that the premise of notion slots is that they are "wildcard" Edeia and I feel that allowing any specification at all is generous under this premise. Too many specifications would make these something like semi-customs, which is not the intention.


To make an inquiry, please send the following form to me, Auspice:

Name: (of the Edeia)
Base Specification: (Optional, see details below.)
Extra Specs: (Optional, for fees, details below)
Extra Artwork: (Optional, details below)
TH Handle: (If you do not have one, you can say N/A or request an invite.)
Discord: (if not on Discord)
dA: (N/A if you do not have)
Permissions: (optional, your permissions for drawing [ask by default], and for non-Actualized [allowed by default] and Soultwined [ask by default] characters to be made with this Idea.) 

Base Specification

For Base Specification, you can pick any one of the following options. You may add additional base specs for 5 USD each. 

Extra Specifications

You may pay additional fees for more specifications. You may choose one of the following:

Extra Artwork

You may request additional artwork that will be made alongside the character. It will come with lighting and some abstract/blurred background. You will receive no WIPs. You may pick from any of my rough styles or leave it up to me, which may be any style including an experimental one. You have two options if you choose to add artwork:


Semi-customs have a base price of 65 USD. They are similar to notions, in that WIPs and control over the design are limited; the differences are: 

This is a relatively new option, and policy may change. 

MYO [Limited]

In order to design your own Edeia, you must acquire a MYO ticket when I hold a ticket sale. They will be available for 35 USD. You may then submit the MYO form for approval and then either commission me or request/commission an official MYO artist to complete the ML artwork for you. 

To claim a ticket, you must have a account and join the Edeia Discord - MYOs will exclusively be offered on the server/via Discord. If you do not have a account, you may request an invite. 

You may only be holding one unused MYO ticket at a time; you must use it before purchasing another. You do not need to keep track of the ticket - I will have a part in the ML spreadsheet for it. You may resell or retrade the ticket, but you must notify me. 

To use a MYO ticket, you must submit the MYO form below in Discord DMs or in the #myo-approval channel in the server.

There are no formal guides to designing Edeia, but you can take a look at other Edeia to get the same general feel of the species. If you have questions about designs, you may ask me prior to submitting the MYO form. You may share WIPs of your MYO in the #artwork channel of the server or privately, but you must mention that it is a MYO WIP, and you must own a ticket. 

MYO Process

MYO Form

Name: (of the Edeia)
Idea: (You must use your declared Idea or an Idea you have on hold; this is to ensure the Idea is approved beforehand.)
Reference Image: (The image of your design. Please see notes below.)
Artist Preference: (Volunteer, Guest Artist, no preference, a specific artist)
TH Handle: (If you do not have one, you can say N/A or request an invite.)
dA: (N/A if you do not have)
Permissions: (optional, your permissions for drawing [ask by default], and for non-Actualized [allowed by default] and Soultwined [ask by default] characters to be made with this Idea.) 

For the reference image, I have the following recommendations (which are requirements if you are commissioning the ML artwork from me, Auspice): 

After you send the MYO form, Auspice will approve it or ask for changes or clarifications. 

You may not use MYO slots for Tuplet Edeia, but you can use them for a Fission Edeia - see info and pricing in the Special Trait Edeia section. If you use want to use a MYO for a Fission Edeia, the conceptualization must be approved before submission of the design.

For MYO Edeia, after the artist has created the ML artwork and the design is finalized, the artist will create the TH profile and credit me, Auspice, as the creator, and you the designer before transferring the profile to you. The artist should also upload the original concept/design made by you with credit to your TH. 

MYO Artists

MYO artists are those who have the right to create masterlist artwork for MYO Edeia, including their own. They may be "volunteers," who receive a free MYO ticket for every 5 MYOs they make the ML artwork of for others, or they may be "guest artists," who charge for their services. You may make a general request to any available MYO artist, to volunteers specifically, to guest artists specifically, or directly contact an individual after approval by me. There will be pings in the Discord server. See more detailed instructions in the MYO Artist Instructions section below.

If a MYO artist does not complete any MYOs for others for a year, they will lose their MYO artist rights after a warning. (This may be dependent on how many MYOs have been made.) 

Applying to be a MYO Artist

I intend to only open applications in limited cycles, in a sort of contest style. Applicants will be asked to make an Edeia design, submitted via Google Forms. The design will be judged on quality and adherence to requirements; I will also consider other art/design work, among other criteria. 

Those who are chosen to be MYO artists may keep their design as their own MYO. Those who do not can buy slightly discounted MYO tickets (25 USD or 2 figments) of their submitted design, and they may then ask a MYO artist to complete the MYO for them. They can also keep the design for themself and use as they please. 

MYO Artist Instructions

The process of completing a MYO is as such.

Customs [Limited]

Customs are only opened on a very limited basis. They will generally be announced in the Discord server.

You may commission me for a custom Edeia design. I prefer to be contacted via Discord (you can find me through the server or DM me on any platform for my handle), but the other best option is my email (

There are two options for the design, with the same price range of about ~70-120 USD:

You can make an Edeia based on an existing OC, either as their canonical Actualization or as an AU. These can still be guided or regular customs, depending on whether you have a strong idea for the actual Edeia design. 

You may also request additional artwork like autobuy rewards (examples); please specify which style you prefer (see the links for styles, of which I have many):

After the sketch is complete, price will be finalized and full payment (including for additional artwork) is due via PayPal. After payment, you will receive one flat color WIP. You have up to three edits, with any additional edits accruing an additional charge. 

The price depends on the complexity as well as how much back and forth / alterations there are; think of this is paying for my time. The more efficient things are, the better. 

Custom Form

To expedite the process, please fill out this form:

Custom Type: (guided/regular)
Specifications: (If any. For a regular, you can specify some design elements if you wish, such as body type, general vibes, or a few characteristics. For guided, you can specify as much as you want + make visual concepts, more detail is better. If you specify too many details for a regular, I may change it to a guided custom.)
Additional Artwork: (yes/no, plus specifications if any such as style, mood, pose, etc.)
Other Info: (Anything else you'd like to tell me about them!)

TH Handle: (If you do not have one, you can say N/A or request an invite.)
Discord: (if not on Discord)
dA: (N/A if you do not have)
Permissions: (optional, your permissions for non-Actualized [allowed by default] and Soultwined [ask by default] characters to be made with this Idea.)

You can decide some things later (such as name, gender, and pronouns), but if you have this information at the ready it would definitely help!

You may complete a Conceptualization for a free experimental simple artwork from me.  You may also claim this for existing Edeia. You may send me the form as soon as you enter the queue; note that once I get to your slot, I will ask to start immediately on the custom and will not wait for the Conceptualization form. You can always send it to me later.


There are two types of slots: speed slots and queue slots

Speed slots will open every now and then - they will be announced on the Discord when I decide to open them. They are first come, first serve, and if you are prompt with replies, will very likely be finished in a day. To claim them, you must send a message in the new-edeia channel with the custom form above, or a note that the form is ready and you will send it in DMs (you have ten minutes after claiming to do so, after which you will lose the slot). If there are issues/changes that need to be discussed, you will still get the slot; we will discuss them in DMs. Ideally, however, you just send me the form and I can get going.

Queue slots have no limit to how many people enter the queue, but each person may only enter one slot at a time, and for a specific Idea/custom Edeia. To enter, send me the custom form. I will work on the queue slowly, perhaps one a week or slower, and they may take more than one day to finish (or I might work on them during the weekdays after I get the necessary information). 

The status of the slots can be seen on my Trello board.  


These will also only rarely be offered. There will usually be an option for purchasing the Edeia, as well as an additional option for a painting like autobuy rewards. 

Special Trait Edeia

Special trait Edeia include Fission Edeia, Soultwined Edeia, and Tuplet Edeia. See the dedicated special trait acquisition guide

Holding Ideas

You may contact me at any time to hold an Idea, in order to make sure I don't use it in a batch or for another custom. I don't have a hard limit to how many Ideas you hold, but I ask that you limit it to three at a time. 

Your hold will last for three months without ordering a custom/entering the queue, after which you can no longer hold the Idea and I can use it freely. Others may hold Ideas that were previously held by others. NOTE: This has been extended to six months due to my slowness, as I have my coursework and other projects to attend to as well. 

You may ask me to extend a hold for one Idea. Whether I accept depends on:

Permanent Holds

There is also an option for permanent holds, if you are worried about gathering funds or such. 

Idea Guidelines

In general, Ideas are abstract concepts. They are not physical objects and are generally in noun form if they have a single name. Ideas may be concepts without a straightforward name, such as "Songs in Silence" or "The Known Unknown," so long as you can explain what the concept is; you can use phrases, made-up words, words from other languages, etc. but you must provide a definition/interpretation in that case. An important aspect is interpretability, as well: existing concepts with strict definitions or highly constructed concepts such as zodiac signs are not ideal, and I will likely attempt to dissuade you from using such an Idea. Synonyms are allowed, generally. 

One thing that may help when considering an Idea is whether an Edeia can say "I am [Idea]." For instance, an Edeia of Joy could say "I am Joy," and an Edeia of Terror could say "I am Terror." If it does not fit, it may be best to reconsider. 

A note on adjectives - Ideas are always in noun form (unless I forgot / missed it), and if you present an adjective you may be asked to convert it to the noun form or append a "the" before it, so that the Idea essentially represents "that which is [adjective]." The distinguishment is about whether the Edeia identifies with the concept itself, or they identify with things to which the concept applies. I will note that I consider "the [adjective form]" and "[noun form]" Ideas to be different Ideas, though they may manifest in similar ways. 

Illnesses and Negative Experiences

I will not allow things such as medical conditions, mental illnesses, specific diseases, and other similar concepts. This includes things such as autism, dementia, etc. While this may be possible in the world of Ideation, I am not comfortable with it.  It is a discomfiting thought for an individual to define their existence by a condition that can significantly and/or negatively affect their life in addition to being something they cannot control; a core philosophy behind Edeia is for one to discover and become who they truly wish to be, after all - often involving overcoming difficult experiences to unearth the true self.  (I am aware that many conditions are not inherently negative, but they can cause many difficulties and can also be very arbitrarily defined.) Having a medical condition can influence how someone perceives themself, but perceiving themself as that condition itself is another matter entirely. The edge cases tend to be those that have an abstract, non-medical concept associated with it. 

That said, "negative experience" Edeia are also somewhat discomfiting to me, at least in the sense that defining one's identity as the negative experiences in their life is not a pleasant thought. While a "negative experience" is subjective thing, and while it may not be the best way to label them, I generally consider these to be concepts that might cause the average individual distress to experience. Of course, Edeia with "negative" concepts do not necessarily experience their concept - they only need to have a high affinity to it. I will generally allow them to be created, but I ask you to keep in mind that the nature of Edeia is that they cannot be an existence that is fundamentally unpleasant, an existence that feels "wrong" or "bad." If they are something they don't want to be, their existence will change into what they want to be, or they will cease to exist

If you request an Idea that might be considered "negative" or something that is generally considered a negative experience, I may ask you to provide a blurb explaining how they came to identify with their Idea and how it is fulfilling/meaningful to them, or how it is otherwise crucial in defining the being they truly want to be. If I find it unsatisfactory, I may ask you to change the Idea to something more neutral or rework the blurb. 

-xara Words

With the consideration that many -philia and -mania words have undesired associations, such as associations with things of adult nature, mental illnesses, etc., I ask you all to consider the usage of the -xara suffix, pronounced as "kara." This is derived from "joy" in Greek - Χαρά (chara) - much like how -philia is derived from "love" and -mania is derived from "madness" in Greek. It is something I have constructed to avoid undesired associations of -philia and -mania Ideas. You are free to make up other words yourself as well, or use a different suffix. 

-xara words would essentially mean "joy derived from [concept]." For instance, pyroxara is "joy derived from fire." Any -philia or -mania words could be considered for having their suffix switched out, but you are free to come up with something new; something derived from Greek etymology would be preferred. 



Possible rewards for completing prompts include custom slots, notion slots, and MYO slots. 

You can still complete prompts without owning an Edeia - feel free to ask owners if they'd be alright to have their Edeia drawn/written by you. 


I may on occasion hold raffles for Edeia. They will be announced on the Discord and on Deviantart.


Given how much energy these take, it is unlikely that I hold these events. 

I may occasionally host a Conceptualization event. Essentially, you must develop the character as an application, and then I make an Edeia using that as sort of a prompt. Most of the design will be up to me, and there will be no alterations. This is not a custom. You can make an alternate form if you like, of course. I will also not make Special Trait Edeia

I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the Lore Guide. You don't need all of it, but most of it will likely help and improve the likelihood of approval. 

For some examples, you can see my own Edeia with full profiles, which likely have all this information. The most thorough profiles, history/lore-wise, are Auspice (my Edeiasona, born in our present), Malice (born in the age of secrecy), Roscha (born in the ancient ages, very early in civilization), as well as Ki/Ro and Sess (both born in the age of reunion). 

I will review the forms and either approve, request alterations, or reject (in the case of too many things being off). If it is rejected, you may not submit during the same event. 

In addition to the conceptualization form, you may add:

Specifications: (optional and limited.) You may specify:
- Color palette: something like "monochrome with blue", "[color] base and [color] highlight/accent", colors to disclude, or up to three colors to include/be limited to. You can also provide a palette of more than three colors that I have the option of using as many or few as I like of. 

- Body type: humanoid, quadrupedal, abstract, centaur, humanoid abstract, birdlike, etc. To describe the general shape.

- General vibe: sharp, elegant, soft, etc. Can be a sort of aesthetic or mood-setting sort of thing. Don't give me a moodboard, though - I never know what to do with those. 

Do not specify any more design details. If you're unsure about something, ask.

Alternative Payment

In some cases, I will allow trades or artwork as payment for an Edeia. I tend to be picky with art and other designs, however. If you wish to provide art or a trade (other characters, MYO slots, etc.) then you may offer, but I may not accept. 

Alternative payment can also be used to reduce a price but not get rid of it entirely. 

Early Claims

You may make an early claim in Discord if you have joined the Discord server and made proper introductions and such. 

The Early Claim Jail can be seen here: