Monthly Prompts

Welcome to the monthly prompts page! Here you will find art/writing prompts to jog your creativity, if you wish to partake of them.

One new prompt is provided each month. You will receive a Figment for each prompt you complete, which can be used for purchasing various rewards. 

You may use the community Edeia, Identity, if you wish. 

Standard Requirements

Most prompts have similar requirements. Unless otherwise specified, these requirements apply to all monthly prompts. 

Design Prompt:

Art Prompt:

Writing Prompt: 

May 2024 Prompt: Pop Culture

5/1/24 - 7/1/24 11:59pm ET

Has your Edeia starred in a movie or have they been featured in a magazine? Do they have a celebrity presence, in person or online? Do they produce content for entertainment independently or do work for agencies, and - as beings without physical needs - do they do so without pay, or do they seek non-monetary benefits? Do they maintain their fame or only occasionally appear on a whim? 

Many Edeia are private individuals, but some may participate in "pop culture" - entertainment, news, fashion, and more. 

You are welcome and encouraged to create fictional movies, magazines, agencies, etc.; this may be better than using something that exists in our modern world, especially considering that the "present" of this world is 100 years in the future.

Art Prompt 1:
Create artwork featuring your Edeia on a magazine cover, movie poster, fashion photoshoot, or other similar media. 

The background can be simplified to something like a gradient; some text is required, along with a brief blurb explaining the context. 

Art Prompt 2:
Create artwork of your Edeia engaging in some activity related to pop culture, e.g. shooting a movie scene, posing for a fashion photo, interacting with fans, attending a fancy party, etc.  

Writing Prompt:
Write about your Edeia engaging in some activity related to pop culture.

Morph, Edeia of Gender Euphoria, featured on a (fictional) magazine called Euphoria, which reports on featuring genders, ways of gender expression, and providing resources for finding one's gender. Morph does not manage the magazine, but they provide much support to it. 

April 2024 Prompt: The Simple Things

4/4/24 - 6/4/24 11:59pm ET

One might ask why I prefer the mundane methods of kintsugi. Using my magic, it would be very easy to repair all of these in an instant, but the process is a key element of the experience, as I see it. Gathering the pieces, seeing how they fit together, carefully reconstructing the form with care... these are all needed to truly feel the essence of kintsugi.

Mu, Edeia of Kintsugi  

Many Edeia once lived simpler, more mundane lives, and many of them may continue to engage the simple activities that led them on their path to become an Edeia, or find new simple activities that they enjoy. What "simple" activities do your Edeia indulge in, and what forms do they take? 

Examples may involve food, arts and crafts, volunteering work, hobbies they are trying out, and more. As a heuristic, you can think of activities generally accessible to normal people or other mortal beings in the world; these are usually mundane activities but they can also involve magic to some extent. 

Design Prompt:
If your Edeia takes a different form while engaging in some "simple" activity, you may design it here. This can be a humanoid form, alternate form, animal form, human "disguise", or some other form. 

Art Prompt:
Create artwork depicting your Edeia engaging in some "simple" activity.  

Writing Prompt:
Write about your Edeia engaging in one or more "simple" activities. You can also touch on the before and after, their motives and thought process, etc. 

March 2024 Prompt: Return

3/3/24 - 5/3/24 11:59pm ET

"Order! Order, my heart is beating so fast!" 

"... Don't run in the halls, Data. You'll fall." 

"Oh, don't worry so much. They'll be alright. At our cores, it seems we're still Edeia. Let them have their fun."


— A conversation between Data, Order, and Pacific while they had all been involuntarily transformed into their human previous forms.  

We were all other things, in a previous life. We did not simply come into being as we are. Then, what brought us here? How has who we were shaped who we are? 

One day, two curious entities decided to fuse, and a particular phenomenon began sweeping across the world of Ideation - seemingly at random, Edeia have been transformed back into their previous forms. Does this occur to your Edeia? How do they handle it? How long does it last? 

Some notes about the mechanics of this phenomenon: 

This prompt follows the Standard Requirements. 

Additional note: art and writing entries completed this month may be featured in a comic at a later time, much like with the Memory prompt and Fragments

Design Prompt:
Design your Edeia's previous form.

Art Prompt:
Create artwork depicting your Edeia experiencing the phenomenon of returning to their previous form. This could be the moment of transformation, their experiences while transformed, the moment of transforming back, etc. 

Writing Prompt:
Write about your Edeia experiencing the phenomenon of returning to their previous form, and/or observing and interacting with others who experience the phenomenon. You can write one or multiple scenes, and could touch on anything before, during, and after being stuck in their previous form. After seeing others transform, do they dread the same happening to them? Are they excited? Or did it hit them unexpectedly? During the transformation, do they think of it as something novel and fun, an inconvenience, or a dreadful return to an existence they'd left behind? Do they try to understand the cause of the phenomenon or just let the matter come and go? 

Figment Store

Prompt rewards are based on how many prompts you complete. Each prompt fill will give one Figment ♦, which acts as currency for the Figment Store. Prompt submissions, earned figments, and spending is tracked in a spreadsheet; you do not have to keep track of it on your own and you can see your balance here. It can also be seen below. 

Inspiration ✧, which is earned by completing NPC prompts, can be used to replace Figments. A custom will require at least one Inspiration; e.g. 9 Figments and 1 Inspiration. Additionally, Inspiration can be used to "stack" customs, Notions, and MYOs for a special trait Edeia. For instance: 

Rewards for Purchase

The following rewards can be purchased using Figments. 

Variable  | Edeia Artwork

An Edeia artwork commission. Refer to my commission info for options and pricing; each figment is equivalent to 10 USD of payment. 

1 ♦  | 10 USD Discount

A 10 USD discount for any Edeia-related transaction, including customs, notions, special trait fees, and adopts. Cannot stack. 

3  | Fission Trait (One per person)

Add a fission trait (two parts) to any of your Edeia. All prerequisites and requirements apply; you must send a conceptualization form. You are welcome to ask questions before official submission. If you are designing them yourself, please submit alongside the fission designs. The trait will only be official once the designs are done. 

3  | MYO Slot 

A general MYO Edeia slot

5  | Edeia Speedpaint

A free Edeia painting, one subject, in any rough style. Can upgrade to a polished style for 1 ♦.  May be anywhere from headshot to fullbody depending on complexity and specifications. 

5  | Notion Slot

A notion Edeia slot. One additional customization can be requested for 1 ♦ (see slot info for details). 

9 ♦ + 1 ✧  | Custom Design

You may pick one of the following: 

In all cases, I may charge additional Figments for higher complexity. 

Late Policy

Late pardons can only be granted by me, Auspice, but mods can leave an entry to be pending until I am available to decide whether or not to pardon the late submission. 

Full pardons by Auspice have no consequences, but they will generally only be made for slight lateness (up to around 5 or 10 minutes) and/or unanticipated complications such as technical difficulties. 

There is also a system of late-hours. Every three prompts you complete you get one "late-hour," which will be included on the Figment inventory spreadsheet.  If you turn in a submission late, it can be up to one hour and it expends that entire late-hour. Late-hours can be stacked and expended all at once. Mods can accept the usage of late-hours and mark usage in the "Used Late-Hours" column. 

Prompt Passes

Prompt passes can be used to complete any existing monthly prompt at any time. They are tracked in the inventory as well. Currently, you can get prompt passes from completing Development Prompts, and from completing an artwork as a backup artist for an art train in the Edeia Discord Server. 

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