Welcome to the prompts page! Here you will find art/writing prompts to jog your creativity, if you wish to partake of them.

The basic idea is that I will provide about one prompt per month. You will receive a Figment for each prompt you complete, which can be used for purchasing various rewards.

Prompt submissions can be submitted in the Prompt Submissions Deviantart folder of the group or in the prompt-submissions channel of the Discord server. I will approve the prompt (or reject it, after which you may make alterations and resubmit). If neither option is good for you, you may directly message me.

May 2022 Prompt: Unity

5/1/22 - 5/31/22 11:59pm ET

The identity of an Edeia is the core of its being, yet from the very beginning, they could join with another to become a part of a new being.

  • You may make four submissions for this prompt, one design, one artwork, one writing, and an additional design or artwork with a fusion involving another owner's Edeia. The same or different designs/Edeia can be used for different types.

  • Unofficial Edeia cannot be used for this prompt.

  • If you do not own any Edeia, you can use any Edeia owned by someone else with permission for all prompts, but you may only submit one of each.

  • Any prompt may be approved by a moderator. If moderators are uncertain for any prompts, they may defer to Auspice when they are available by adding a question mark reaction to the entry.

Design Prompt:
Design a fusion. If it is between your own characters, at least one component must be an Edeia. For a fusion with another owner, it must involve Edeia from both of you.

  • Must be fullbody, clean, with no cropping

  • No background required, but you can add something if you like.

  • Please include their name, pronouns, and components.

  • An approved design will also be added to the fusion ML. You can provide a TH profile/tab link if you like.

If you are collaborating on the design, it will count for both of you, but you must complete additional requirements:

  • You must complete a conceptualization for the fusion, though no fields are optional. Note that you will not receive the additional artwork that is normally given - though I do something similar as a gift later if I am inspired and have the energy for it.

  • Age does not have to be exact, but please provide some sense of how long ago the fusion first came to be.

  • Height does not have to be exact and can be variable, but please provide something to get a sense at least. You can also put them on the Edeia Height Chart.

  • Refer to this for Abstraction info.

  • If you have a TH tab/profile for the fusion, please put the info in it. You can change it later, of course.

Art Prompt:
You have two options.

1. Draw artwork of a fusion illustrating some of their character - doing something they like, being somewhere they like, etc. The minimum requirements are as follows, though you are welcome to do more:

  • Options: for one character - fullbody or almost, allowing for artistic cropping; two characters - partial bodies (thighs/equivalent or more); three or more - halfbodies (chest/equivalent up). Only one must be a fusion.

  • Fully colored and shaded

  • Full color background with some sort of environment; does not need to be detailed or a full scene

2. Make an animation of your Edeia fusing. Minimum requirements:

  • colored, but can be rough

  • must have a fullbody representation of the involved Edeia and of the final fusion.

  • does not need to be high frame-rate, but the flow and movement should be clear.

  • You can also make an animation of fission and/or reintegration (re-fusing of fission parts).

Writing Prompt:
Write a scene involving your Edeia fusion. Perhaps they fuse for the first time, or perhaps they do some activity they usually do. Perhaps they fuse and unfuse and then discuss the experience with others. You may also write about fission fragments, so long as the fragments themselves are focused on.

  • Minimum word count: 1000 words

  • If you wish, you can turn on comment permissions on the submission doc to allow general critique from Auspice/mods on your writing. General audience should not comment in the doc itself.

  • If you collaborate on the writing, the minimum word count is 2000 words and will count for both of you.

Figment Store

Prompt rewards are based on how many prompts you complete. Each prompt fill will give one Figment ♦, which acts as currency for the Figment Store. Prompt submissions, earned figments, and spending is tracked in a spreadsheet; you do not have to keep track of it on your own and you can see your balance here.

Rewards for Purchase

The following rewards can be purchased using Figments.

1 ♦ | 10 USD Edeia Coupon

10 USD off any Edeia-related transactions, including all slots, paintings, and adopts. Cannot stack.

3 | Edeia Painting

A free Edeia painting, one subject, in any rough style. Can upgrade to a polished style for 1 ♦.

4 | Notion Slot

A notion Edeia slot. One additional customization can be requested for 1 ♦ (see slot info for details).

6 | MYO Slot

A standard MYO Edeia slot. May charge additional Figments for higher complexity.

8 | Custom Slot

A custom Edeia slot of standard complexity. May charge additional Figments for higher complexity.

Late Policy

Late pardons can only be granted by me, Auspice, but mods can leave an entry to be pending until I am available to decide whether or not to pardon the late submission.

Full pardons by Auspice have no consequences, but they will generally only be made for slight lateness (up to around 5 or 10 minutes) and/or unanticipated complications such as technical difficulties.

There is also a system of late-hours. Every three prompts you complete you get one "late-hour," which will be included on the Figment inventory spreadsheet. If you turn in a submission late, it can be up to one hour and it expends that entire late-hour. Late-hours can be stacked and expended all at once. Mods can accept the usage of late-hours and mark usage in the "Used Late-Hours" column.

Using Unofficial Edeia for Prompts

For now, I am allowing the use of unofficial Edeia (Edeia who do not yet exist) for prompts under a number of conditions:

  • This is only available to FTOs (first-time-owners, those who do not and have never owned an Edeia). If you acquire another Edeia in the process through other means, this arrangement will be rendered null.

  • You must get a Conceptualization form approved beforehand, with a note that it is for use in prompts for an unofficial Edeia arrangement.

  • You must purchase the notion slot at 4 figments for this Edeia.

  • You can only have one unofficial Edeia in development with this arrangement; that is, you cannot have two unofficial Edeia to use in prompts at the same time.

  • You must have the Idea on hold. If your hold runs out, you can have an extended hold on that Idea only as long as you complete a writing prompt for this Edeia every other month at minimum.

  • You cannot draw the Edeia and you may not design the Edeia in detail.

    • I will allow allusion to general characteristics such as hands, eyes, wings, claws, body type, general colors, etc. Note that I will not accept the prompt writings as references. When the time for the notion slot comes, you may make minor requests for the design such as body type and a "vibe," for no additional fee, but no alterations will be allowed once I make the design.

    • You are welcome to fully design and refer to their previous form.

  • It is generally expected that most of the fills will be writing prompts, but certain art and design prompt fills using the unofficial Edeia's previous form can be done as well - unless otherwise specified. At least one prompt fill must be a writing prompt.

  • You may not have any interactions with official Edeia in prompts; you may only do solo development and prompts. I will try to have a solo writing prompt at least every other month, as you cannot participate in the prompts that require multiple Edeia for this unofficial Edeia, or prompts that are art only. (Note that you are still free to draw others' official characters with permission for prompts, and these will count as progress towards prompt rewards.)

  • You can cancel the unofficial Edeia at any time, and all prompts using this unofficial Edeia will be rendered invalid and you will lose any extended hold on the Idea. If you miss the prompt requirement during the extended hold period, you will receive a warning before next month, when the Edeia is cancelled for you. You may also acquire this Edeia through other means (a slot/raffle/etc.) and the arrangement will end as well.

    • If, later, you are able to officialize the same Edeia through other means even after cancelling the arrangement, then prompts completed for them can be re-validated. However, if another individual takes the Idea then efforts may be lost entirely.

Example Prompts

Here are some examples of prompts I might offer. Some will be more involved than others. Some may allow a limited number of multiple submissions, some may allow only one.

General prompts (may be repeated):

  • First meeting: draw/write the first meeting between two Edeia, one can be another's.

  • History: draw/write an important event for your Edeia.

  • Actualization: draw/write the moment of / the moments leading up to / after actualization. Minimum requirements: 2000 words (writing), or fully colored/shaded + at least halfbody + background that shows where they are.

  • Magic: Demonstrate an Edeia's use of their magic.

  • Edeia in Attire: perhaps fancy attire or something else...

  • Free prompt: any subject. May specifically require that it involve one of your characters, one of someone else's characters, or two characters, one from you and one from another.

Special/Event Prompts:

  • Mermay: Draw your Edeia as a mer creature.

Previous Prompts

Past prompts can be seen here.