Monthly Prompts

Welcome to the monthly prompts page! Here you will find art/writing prompts to jog your creativity, if you wish to partake of them.

One new prompt is provided each month. You will receive a Figment for each prompt you complete, which can be used for purchasing various rewards. 

You may use the community Edeia, Identity, if you wish. 

Standard Requirements

Most prompts have similar requirements. Unless otherwise specified, these requirements apply to all monthly prompts. 

Design Prompt:

Art Prompt:

Writing Prompt: 

October 2023 Prompt: Edeiatober

10/3/23 - 11/3/23 11:59pm ET

October is a popular month for creative challenges, and here we present our own Edeiatober! You are welcome to complete these prompts as you like - as many or as few, combining prompts, etc. but you may also make three entries that will qualify for figments. 

The Free Day counts as one of the options. Do not use the same prompt multiple times for figments. 

This prompt follows the Standard Requirements. 

Design Prompt:
Make a design of a shapeshifted form of your Edeia, their previous form, or a character in Ideation inspired by one or more of the Edeiatober prompts. State which prompt(s) you used. 

Art Prompt:
Create artwork depicting an Edeia, inspired by one or more of the Edeiatober prompts.  State which prompt(s) you used. 

Writing Prompt:
You have two options: 

1. Write a scene depicting an Edeia, inspired by one or more of the Edeiatober prompts.  

2. Write a backstory/synopsis summary of events about an Edeia, inspired by one or more of the Edeiatober prompts. 

State which prompt(s) you used. 

November 2023 Prompt: Birds of a Feather

11/1/23 - 11/30/23 11:59pm ET

As shapeshifters, Edeia can take many forms. Some may find themselves drawn to the shape of a bird. 

This prompt follows the Standard Requirements. 

Design Prompt:
Make a design of a shapeshifted form of your Edeia as a bird. This can be based on a real bird, multiple real birds, or just have generally bird-like qualities (wings, bird feet, beak, feathers, and so on). If the design is based on real bird(s), feel free to share what the species is!  

Art Prompt:
Create artwork depicting an Edeia in a shapeshifted form as a bird. 

Writing Prompt:
In what circumstance does your Edeia take the form of a bird? Do they have any bird-like mannerisms while shapeshifted - or even if not? Create writing that depicts your Edeia in their shapeshifted bird form and/or exhibiting bird-like behaviors. 

Figment Store

Prompt rewards are based on how many prompts you complete. Each prompt fill will give one Figment ♦, which acts as currency for the Figment Store. Prompt submissions, earned figments, and spending is tracked in a spreadsheet; you do not have to keep track of it on your own and you can see your balance here. It can also be seen below. 

Inspiration ✧, which is earned by completing NPC prompts, can be used to replace Figments. A custom will require at least one Inspiration; e.g. 9 Figments and 1 Inspiration. Additionally, Inspiration can be used to "stack" customs, Notions, and MYOs for a special trait Edeia. For instance: 

Rewards for Purchase

The following rewards can be purchased using Figments. 

Variable  | Edeia Artwork

An Edeia artwork commission. Refer to my commission info for options and pricing; each figment is equivalent to 10 USD of payment. 

1 ♦  | 10 USD Discount

A 10 USD discount for any Edeia-related transaction, including customs, notions, special trait fees, and adopts. Cannot stack. 

3  | Fission Trait (One per person)

Add a fission trait (two parts) to any of your Edeia. All prerequisites and requirements apply; you must send a conceptualization form. You are welcome to ask questions before official submission. If you are designing them yourself, please submit alongside the fission designs. The trait will only be official once the designs are done. 

3  | MYO Slot 

A general MYO Edeia slot

5  | Edeia Speedpaint

A free Edeia painting, one subject, in any rough style. Can upgrade to a polished style for 1 ♦.  May be anywhere from headshot to fullbody depending on complexity and specifications. 

5  | Notion Slot

A notion Edeia slot. One additional customization can be requested for 1 ♦ (see slot info for details). 

9 ♦ + 1 ✧  | Custom Design

You may pick one of the following: 

In all cases, I may charge additional Figments for higher complexity. 

Late Policy

Late pardons can only be granted by me, Auspice, but mods can leave an entry to be pending until I am available to decide whether or not to pardon the late submission. 

Full pardons by Auspice have no consequences, but they will generally only be made for slight lateness (up to around 5 or 10 minutes) and/or unanticipated complications such as technical difficulties. 

There is also a system of late-hours. Every three prompts you complete you get one "late-hour," which will be included on the Figment inventory spreadsheet.  If you turn in a submission late, it can be up to one hour and it expends that entire late-hour. Late-hours can be stacked and expended all at once. Mods can accept the usage of late-hours and mark usage in the "Used Late-Hours" column. 

Using Unofficial Edeia for Prompts

For now, I am allowing the use of unofficial Edeia (Edeia who do not yet exist) for prompts under a number of conditions. This is a sort of last resort for people who: 

The above criteria are not required, but if they do not all apply to you, I encourage you to reconsider - other options may be easier, have fewer restrictions, and be less logistically complicated for both you and Auspice. The conditions for an unofficial Edeia arrangement are as follows. 

Example Prompts

Here are some examples of prompts I might offer. Some will be more involved than others. Some may allow a limited number of multiple submissions, some may allow only one. 

General prompts (may be repeated):

Special/Event Prompts:

Previous Prompts

Past prompts can be seen here.