This changelog keeps record of changes made to the site, with the most recent at the top. This does not include updates to the prompt or the Edeia/Fusion/Fission of the Month.

5/14/22: Added information about Past Forms in ToS.


  • Moved Changelog from Lore Guide to separate page, and now applies to the site as a whole.

  • Added/updated lore for special trait Edeia - Fission, Soultwined, and Tuplet Edeia (now a general term for Twin Edeia). Updated acquisition info for special trait Edeia, including preliminary details for Soultwined and Tuplet Edeia, though they are not yet available.

  • Added a note about Actualization in regards to how those who would die of old age or "peacefully" may first enter a slumber like death and be in a sort of stasis before Actualization.

  • Added Ritual and Morph to Important and Historical Individuals.


  • Updated information for the Registry, including an example.

  • Added additional details about soulbonds.

4/8/22: Added some details about default Edeia abilities.

6/23/21: Added note about permafusion being a label. Moved Metaphysics section to Setting, as it is now more of a general worldbuilding/world mechanics thing for the world as opposed to something particular to Edeiology. Updated Metaphysics tab with numerous details about souls and the ethereal plane, as well as a historical note about when this knowledge became known to the world (pretty well understood by ~2090s). Also added a note about ritual magic, to be updated when I get around to making the NPC.

6/19/21: Clarifications for Twin Edeia, some details on dimension crossing in Edeiology.

6/9/21: Added info about registry entries for Twin Edeia and fissions; info about permafusions in Setting and Edeiology; section on metaphysics (soul science). Added details about Ideas not having names and Edeia choosing names.

5/24/21: Made Actualization capitalized.

5/23/21: Updated Inspiration with self-determination. Added details on soul bonds under Twin Edeia. Updated Mundane society. Various minor changes, moved to site.

5/8/21: Updated Setting with more details on the ancient ages.