Development Prompts

The Development Prompts are a set of prompts that you can complete for each Edeia you own. The main goal of this is to have fun and help guide the development of your Edeia, and the main reward is considered the development and content you make for yourself. 

That said, there are some rewards, which you can see in the Rewards section. You can redo the prompts if you want, but you may only earn rewards once for each Edeia you own. There is no time limit. If you do not seek rewards, you can complete as many or as few as you like. 

You may commission, request, or otherwise get others to complete your prompts for you, but they must be made specifically for the prompts.

For each prompt, unless otherwise specified, you must fulfill the following requirements: 

If it is artwork:

If it is writing

If it is a comic: 

If it is animation:

You may make a big piece (e.g. artwork quality comic, long writing, long comic, long animation, etc.) that fills multiple prompts, but they must meet each of the requirements separately.

The Development Prompts

1. Early Life

For this prompt, depict your Edeia in their previous form

What sort of life did they live? What era did they begin their life in? Are they native to the world of Ideation, or are they from a different dimension? Are they from a different timeline? 

2. Journey

For this prompt, depict your Edeia in their previous form

How did they get their Idea? How did they develop and use their power? What were some important experiences or discoveries about themself that led to the formation and solidification with their identity, prior to Actualization?

3. Actualization

This prompt is more flexible with artwork requirements. There must be some representation of the Edeia form and the previous form, but this may be abstract/surreal. 

Depict the moment of Actualization for your Edeia. How did they Actualize? Why did they Actualize? What was the moment that they embraced their identity wholly, and transformed into a new being? What led up to it? Do they recall all their memories, did they forget certain things, or did they forget most or all of their previous existence? 

4. Magic

Depict your Edeia using their particular Idea magic and/or explore how they use their Abstraction. 

What sort of abilities does your Edeia have, and how do they use them? Do their abilities simply help them exist in a way that feels best to them? Do they use their abilities to enact their will upon others and the world? Does your Edeia get into conflicts with other Edeia? Does your Edeia use their power on non-Edeia, whether the intentions are benevolent, malicious, or anything else? 

For further consideration, what does their Abstraction look like? What purpose does it serve for them - a personal sanctuary, a storage space / personal stash, a place to rest or a place to have fun? Does it have some specific purpose, as with the section of Memoir's Abstraction that he dedicates to being a library? Do they intersect their Abstraction with the physical plane to create a space that is connected to reality but they have more control over, as Simulacra has done with her Simulacrum? 

5. Relations

What sort of interactions has your Edeia had with other beings, whether in their current state of existence as an Edeia, or in their past as their previous form? Depict a relation in your Edeia's life, preferably one that has personal meaning or impact on the Edeia, whether in the past or present. 

The relationship can be positive or negative, platonic, familial, romantic, etc. - any kind of relationship with any other character, Edeia or non-Edeia. It can your character or someone else's character. 

The other character must be halfbody or more. 

6. Existence

This is a sort of flexible prompt to tell us something about your Edeia. Some options: 


For completing all Development Prompts, you will be eligible for volunteering the Edeia depicted for monthly prompts. You will also receive a voucher, which you may spend on items in the voucher shop, which have limited stock. 

As mentioned previously, these rewards are secondary to the experience of developing, creating, and sharing content of your Edeia. These are not meant to be commensurate with the efforts associated with six quality pieces. 

To claim rewards, you must do the following: 

You are welcome to share the pieces in the #artwork channel of the server as you complete them. 

Monthly Prompt Eligibility 

You may volunteer your Edeia for a monthly prompt that features them and their lore specifically. It is still up to Auspice whether or not they accept, and if they do, they may work with you to adjust the prompt (difficulty, requirements, details, etc.) before releasing it. To suggest a prompt with your Edeia, please make a post in the Prompt Suggestion Box of the Discord Server with your idea and a link to your Edeia's profile/info. Your prompt idea may be anywhere from a vague idea to having the exact prompt text given. 

The prompt can be for fun (some random event, like a festival/celebration, or a strange occurrence for other to react to), something more lore-related (how would Edeia react to some important event or circumstance related to your Edeia), something in between, anything you can think of. Overly general prompts such as "how would your character interact with this Edeia" without any further guidance are discouraged. 

As a note, though it is unlikely, Auspice may also specifically request for someone else's personal Edeia to be featured regardless of whether or not the Development Prompts have been completed. 

The following are not strictly required but would be greatly preferable and improve the likelihood of me accepting, and grease the wheels of the process: 

Those who have completed and claimed rewards can be seen below. If the Edeia is transferred, the eligibility is no longer valid. 

Voucher Shop

You may earn one voucher for each Edeia you own that you complete a set of prompts for. The stock is limited and decided by Auspice - items may be added and removed as they please. You may inquire about certain items or about restocking in #questions-suggestions-feedback, but it is up to Auspice whether they will be added. 

Each item may have wildly varying "value" - it is up to you how you want to spend your vouchers. Certain things may only be available in the voucher shop, such as Special Trait vouchers that do not count for any special trait limits, and MYO artist applications while an application cycle is not open. 

Available items can be seen below.