Past Features

April 2024: "Health" and Reumin

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Name: "Health"
Idea: Health
Gender: Androgynous
Pronouns: any
Masterlist: #162

"Health" doesn't have a proper name. He claims he is an embodiment of the "God of Health" already featured in the realm and often shadows him and does shadow-work under him. A lot will consider them the same entity, sometimes even referring to them with the same pseudonym of "Aeson", but not many have seen this Edeia as they do not like the attention the "primary entity" does. He tries to make sure those who follow him are in good standing health but sometimes when those are in their final moments he will stay with them to give them the illusion of good-health and peace prior to their parting.

Owner:  Auspice
TH Tab

Name: Reumin [ROO-min]
Pronouns: they/he/ra/we
Fusion Masterlist: #108

Reumin is the soultwined fusion of Wist (Wistfulness), Reiu (Reunion), and Nisce (Reminiscence). They are often seen in this state; the three are fused together about as much as they are apart, and it is natural for them to freely fuse and diffuse. 

They have a solemn gravitas, and their presence often holds a deep empathic sway over those interacting with them, though the effect is less significant other Edeia - that is, they feel deeply, and those feelings are echoed into those nearby. Many may be brought to tears when they share something poignant. They will lend an ear to those who ache of what the past had left them with, and will help those individuals remember the good parts, move on, or seek out a reunion they desire.

March 2024: Bodhi and Stelace

Owner: Jammoos
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Name: Bodhi
Idea: Eutierria
Gender: Nonbinary
Pronouns: they/them
Masterlist: #123

A very "silently" wise individual, Bodhi doesn't give information others would find helpful but they do relate to the issues of others and try to help, even if their advice is frequently very confusing and nonsensical. They seem to express the emotions of plant life around them, weeping for wilting flowers and rejoicing at the new blooms of spring. Bodhi mostly keeps to themselves but in their own mind they are surrounded by dear friends (nature), and will spend hours taking care of the planet they love so dearly.

Owner:  Stelace
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Name: Stelace
Pronouns: he/they
Fusion Masterlist: #112

Stelace, the fusion of Paragon and Paradigm. The embodiment of what it means to be excellent and exemplary in all that entails, but is still a huge dork that gets distracted by the silly. Together, they can embolden perspectives and personifications to perfection… at the cost of some friendly banter or jokes, of course. In essence, they exist to bring forth the very best in others in every sense of the word, no matter the perspective or circumstance.

The two fuse both out of necessity and just for fun or closeness. They retain Stel’s extraverted playfulness and Ace’s introverted cool, but now with a hint of awkwardness and sass. If formed for the latter, they’re usually exploring different characterizations and worldviews in their abstraction; if formed for the former, they usually fuse only for as long as they are needed. No, the fusion isn’t shy, they would just… prefer to vibe.

February 2024: Classified and Omnia

Owner:  VoidGremlin
dA Listing

Name: Classified (Sif)
Idea: Secrets
Gender: Irrelevant
Pronouns: she/it
Masterlist: #121

An Edeia representing the idea of Secrets. Classified is an Edeia who is very old, reclusive, and ominous in her own way. She knows a lot about Edeia (and other species respectively) that involves things they wish never to say aloud. This Edeia commonly observes individuals that pique her interest. She'll watch them for days, weeks, even years until she moves on. It's unknown how much she knows since she doesn't bother answering questions about herself.

Classified is not one to easily approach others since she enjoys watching them instead. She's even wary of other Edeia if they try to get close to her Abstraction entrance.

Owner:  CaeliGlori
dA Listing | TH Tab

Name: Omnia
Pronouns: any
Fusion Masterlist: #111

The fusion of the Soultwined Edeia of Creation and Destruction. As Omnia, they possess Candesis' bold resoluteness and Tenebris' quiet sense of compassion. They are prone to being a silent listener, often processing the vast sense of abstract thoughts as they hear from other parties. They do have little words to share, often communicating in hand gestures. 

While they rarely appear in public, they fuse more often when inside their Abstraction. When they are fused, the sheath of white skies is unveiled, revealing a growing universe cradled inside their Abstraction.

January 2024: Gothic and Remoir

Owner:  XenophonDraike
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Gothic
Idea: Gothic Horror
Gender: Bigender
Pronouns: she/him
Masterlist: #334

The Edeia of Gothic Horror is one not to be trifled with. Gothic is a rather cunning Edeia with a mastery in telling stories filled with drama. She indulges in higher-than-life escapades such as parties... and inflicting curses upon mundane individuals, for she see them as little playthings that serve as her entertainment. He does find fellow Edeia intriguing; a gateway of inspiration for his next story to tell.

Art/Design by XenophonDraike

Owner:  Auspice
dA Listing | TH Tab

Name: Remoir
Pronouns: they/he
Fusion Masterlist: #61

Remoir is a fusion of Repose (Final Repose) and Memoir (Remembrance). They do not fuse often, and when they do, it is largely an act of comfort and closeness. Once Remoir exists, however, though will seek out others who might benefit from their guidance: those who near their final repose, yet are uneasy still for some reason or another. They will often help such an individual remember things that might bring comfort to them. Perhaps the individual remembers happy moments they've had, people they've helped, things they've accomplished. Perhaps Remoir will revive an individual's memory of a loved one. Remoir's actions might bring some melancholy to those they meet, but regardless of the process, they try to help in a way that allows those nearing their final repose to find peace with their memories.

December 2023: Caph-Vatni and Saunter

Owner:  Semple
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Caph-Vatni
Idea: Symbiosis
Gender: Nonbinary
Pronouns: they/we
Masterlist: #395

Owner:  mae/sigilyph and CaeliGlori
TH Tab: Venice | Interim

Name: Saunter
Pronouns: they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #103

Saunter is a rare, but quiet and timid fusion between the Edeia of Solivagancy (Venice) and the Edeia of Interim (Interim.) A completely mute individual, they wander aimlessly across the in-between of space and time when formed. Even while they are mute, they convey their emotions and thoughts by manipulating their surroundings. 

Their goals often remain empty, but they have a general enjoyment of venturing to new places. They often linger around sceneries that are considered interesting and beautiful, and can remain there for quite some time while invisible. They are also drawn to those who become lost in large areas and guide them home. They may appear as a mirage, wistfully vanishing behind the trees and corners.

Art/Design by CaeliGlori

November 2023: Lunaria and Ragnarokk

Owner: Tougherheart
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Lunaria

Idea: The Otherworldliness of Nighttime Forests

Gender: Female

Pronouns: she/her

Masterlist: #288

Lunaria represents the otherworldliness of nighttime forests, and will sometimes find heavily forested areas in the world she enjoys and convert them to an eternal night, changing the flora and fauna living there to become more like her own idea of the night in forests! Those with good souls who wander into her forest may choose to stay and change like the flora and fauna, or be assisted back to safety! Those with ill intentions or evil in their hearts become trapped, and turned into new trees for the forest. She is a lover of nature, and the colors and patterns that it can bring.

Owner:  Yasahiro1011 and SymeSynth

Name: Ragnarokk
Pronouns: he/they
Fusion Masterlist: #74

A fusion between Daptis and Antitheos: a surprisingly calm being who seems to scheme for every action and movement taken. They are the churning storm that awaits the spark of rebellion, slowly nudging things along until the dominoes topple, and the cascade of changes can no longer be prevented.

October 2023: Elikai and Ongarde

Owner: Lunar-Imagination
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Elikai

Idea: Saving

Gender: Genderfluid

Pronouns: they/them

Masterlist: #177

Elikai is a creative thinking being. They see most things as a puzzle to work out, how A will result in either B or C. They love a challenge and love achieving the best outcome of it. They're a daydreamer that wants the best for everyone and they get attached very easily to... anything. From a tiny rock with googly eyes to video game characters.

Owner: Lightstar
TH Tab

Name: Ongarde
Pronouns: they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #68

September 2023: Potential and Zephyr

Owner: VoidGremlin
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Potential

Idea: Potential

Gender: Masculine nonbinary

Pronouns: he/they

Masterlist: #141

Potential, the Edeia representing the Idea of Potential, is a solitary (for the most part) individual. He mostly lingers in his apartment, helping others when they have appointments with him or gliding across the sky to watch the world. 

Although he stays indoors a lot, there's times where he's deemed missing. He's merely lost in his Abstraction, watching the ways the world can be, or where it could go.

Owner: aloridragmire
TH Profile

Name: Zephyr
Pronouns: they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #104

Zephyr is the stoic fusion of Æther, Edeia of Psithurism, and Cumulonimbus, Edeia of Oncoming Storm. Æther’s gentle nature tempering Nim’s more brash one into a being of calm. Initially first formed when Nim had heard from others about fusion and he wanted to try it with the new friend he had (quite literally) run into. Æther had humored the other, though she had been curious as well once informed that fusion was possible.

Nim creates and chases its own storms, while Æther is content to listen to the wind by themself. Zephyr, however, is created when natural forces get a little too big and starts to threaten too many people or too big of an area. They use their power to soften the blow, to redirect winds and floods and landslides, trying to mitigate destruction and unnecessary death; Or in some cases, they will conjure a storm to ease out a drought or smother a raging wildfire that’s choking the life out of everything around it.

Zephyr is a rare fusion and typically only called upon in times when the Forces of Nature grow a little too great.

August 2023: Pearl and Ceremus

Owner: Gaara'sPotato
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Pearl

Idea: Compassion

Gender: Female

Pronouns: she/her

Masterlist: #239

Pearl drifts where the wind takes her, like a bubble during a summer festival. Those alone might encounter her, offering to hold them into her arms to let them know they are not alone. When welcomed, she cannot hold back the happiness in her expressions. She doesn't really speak, her voice though is really soft when she does. Pearl likes to create bubbles and have them dance around whenever its allowed, and dancing by swishing back and forth. 

When scared or sad, she will hide her face with her "fins". Doesn't really have a serious side, but more of a playful one. But, she will stay with someone who is sad until they feel better; for she doesn't want anyone to be left feeling blue.

Owner: Stel
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Ceremus
Pronouns: they/it
Fusion Masterlist: #67

Ceremus, the twin fusion of Raven and Noir, the bestower of the Rites of Passage.

Grief and mourning take many different shapes and forms, and so do the traditions and rituals surrounding the care for the deceased and their final rites as the departed prepare for whatever lies ahead. Seperate, the twins work tirelessly to ensure the proper respects are given, but for those certain cases where teamwork is not sufficient, then Ceremus is called upon. With grace, dignity, and tenderness, the transition from life to death is honored. With time, the bereaved find solace and comfort in their final vows and good byes.

Aside from all this solemnness, however, Raven and Noir fuse quite often when they're by themselves since both greatly enjoy the moments they spend with just the two of them. Hugs and pats are one thing, but embracing each other on such a level is another.

July 2023: Rou and Velath

Owner:  Cyanus-Corvus
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Rou

Idea: Habit

Gender: Gender-neutral 

Pronouns: they/them

Masterlist: #219

A quote from Rou themself:

"It is... quite melancholic to exist so abstract, yet concrete...

Perhaps... I am comforting familiarity, though unknown to you...

A flower follows the sun, my dear, we do what we must to grow."

Owner: Auspice
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Velath
Pronouns: they/she/we
Fusion Masterlist: #81

Velath is a fusion between Rieve, Edeia of Loss, and Truth. They are a composed, solemn individual, though they have strong opinions on certain matters, many pertaining to truth and loss. 

They form on occasion, rarely for leisure as well. When they form, it is often for the purpose of enlightening an individual to a loss-related truth—for instance, unveiling a delusion that entrenches them in the past, or showing an individual that does not appreciate something or someone they have what they would experience if they were to lose that something or someone. In the latter case, this might manifest as a hyperrealistic dream in which the individual undergoes that loss and experiences what comes after. They do not necessarily consider reconciliation as an end goal—the individual subjected to their power might find another form of moving on or addressing suppressed regrets, perhaps by accepting that they need to let certain things go, or making one last confrontation and speaking their piece.

Their truth is often brutal but enlightening; individuals who are subjected to their power often experience great pain, but generally live better, more appreciative lives afterwards. Some might feel resentment towards Velath, while others might feel gratitude, but they do not care. They only care that the necessary truth is revealed.

June 2023: Lost and Veles

Owner:  Cloveyclo
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Lost

Idea: The Comfort In Being Lost

Gender: Nonbinary

Pronouns: they/them

Masterlist: #136

Lost is a quiet and sneaky Edeia, only revealing itself when offering the chance to enter into their own world for a time. They're a kind soul and on occasion speaks with the people they take as they like the conversation from time to time. An Edeia of few words but is always happy to take peoples trouble away for a time.

Owner:  CaeliGlori and VoidGremlin

Name: Veles
Pronouns: we/they
Fusion Masterlist: #88

"Your story. Such an interesting one... We'd give anything to have yours."

Veles is the fusion between Legion and Anima (Edeia of Fantasy.) An embodiment of the "human experience," Veles is a covetous entity who craves and pleasures the experience of those who contain stories. They particularly have a large ego, and offer spend much time admiring themselves and their collective.

They use their abilities to create pocket dimensions to experience the stories and lives of those who were taken into the hivemind, or those who offer their story to Veles. They value the stories of individuals in a sentimental way - a price far higher than the worth of currency. Their method of obtaining those lives are not so innocent, for they promise awe-inducing, wondrous gifts... in exchange for their individuality.

Art by VoidGremlin

May 2023: Majesty and Secularis

Owner:  VoidGremlin
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Majesty

Idea: Reticence

Gender: Genderfluid

Pronouns: she/they/he

Masterlist: #225

An Edeia representing the Idea of Reticence. Majesty is very calm, and can normally be found admiring fireflies in forests or other places populated by such creatures. She herself can glow as she watches the small bugs float around her. If she isn't in a forest, Majesty is in her Abstraction.

Majesty is a very calm Edeia. Although she keeps to herself often, company is appreciated, so long as it's the good kind of company. Majesty prefers to talk telepathically to others as well. She herself doesn't speak actual words. In fact, she doesn't want to. Majesty is part of the same family as Noire and Veil, though it's undetermined where in the family tree she belongs.

Owner:  SymeSynth

Name: Secularis
Pronouns: He/They  (may be capitalized or not)
Fusion Masterlist: #89

Secularis is the fusion between the Antitheos and Ignatus, and is rarely ever seen except in circumstances that they regard as dire enough to require their combined forces. He is surprisingly stable during these situations, and often carries a gravity of solemn responsibility... and perhaps an eagerness to engage in conflict and battle while at the same time minimising casualties as much as possible. He is kind and helpful, if rather rough around the edges, combining Ignatus' desire to provide assistance with Antitheos' brash attitude.

Design/artwork by SymeSynth

April 2023: Aletheia and Myriad

Owner: MonochromeStar
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Aletheia

Idea: Lies

Gender: Male

Pronouns: any

Masterlist: #289

A liar and trickster, Aletheia spends most of his time in disguise. He hides in plain sight, taking on new identities until he grows bored of them. He masks his true intentions under layers of lies. Even those that think they understand him only know what he allows them to. He is not malicious, but sometimes he wants you to believe otherwise.

Owner:  Auspice  and CaeliGlori
dA Listing | TH Tab (Roth) | TH Tab (Legion)

Name: Myriad
Pronouns: we/they/any
Fusion Masterlist: #85

Drown in us.

Myriad is the fusion between Roth (Edeia of Brainrot) and Legion (Edeia of Legion). They came to be as Roth and Legion's friendship led to various dabblings of their abilities. As Myriad, they are eager to invite any and all into a shared mire of brainrot, fixating on interests shared by all. They find a pleasure in sharing and generating new thoughts and ideas for their collective to drown in endlessly. They do not take anyone by force, only by accepted invitation — but once one is mired in Myriad, they will be unlikely to let go.

When they diffuse back into Roth and Legion, the recently invited may find themselves freed of the intense brainrot… though perhaps they shall be invited again.

Mar 2023: Mizzle and Toshikyo

Owner: IssacWild
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Mizzle

Idea: Tempest

Gender: Female

Pronouns: she/her

Masterlist: #81

A bit chaotic in her personality, her moods always seem to go to the extreme. She enjoys pranks, games with alot of activity and hates to stand still. Her hair and tails always appear to be blowing in the wind (even when the air is still.)

Owner:  Sykhe
dA Listing | TH Tab

Name: Toshikyo
Pronouns: they/we
Fusion Masterlist: #97

Toshikyo is the fusion of the soulbound twins Toshi & Kyoko. They prefer to be fused when they interact with most, rather than as separate pieces because they feel more comfortable together. Toshikyo is a very reserved being who has a hard time socializing until they are very close with the outsider.

Jan-Feb 2023: Image and Cadre

Owner:  Wakaitsu
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Image

Idea: Id (the concept of the subconsciousness; the true, instinctual self.)

Gender: Genderless

Pronouns: any

Masterlist: #202

Image is a shy Edeia that prefers to spend time in their Abstraction, rather than socialize with others. Its Abstraction is a pitch-black and silent space; only the sound of dripping water at any attempt to move differentiates the space from nothingness. If it has to speak, its voice is never heard. Instead, those it spoke to would swear that they just heard somebody talking and can always perfectly relate the meaning of what was said, but never the exact words or a tone of voice in which it was said. Image isn't malicious, but this manner of speech often frightens people and give them the wrong idea of Image as an ominous being.

There is also a vague smell of artemisia that appears wherever Image is present, lingering a bit after its departure.

Owner:  CaeliGlori
TH Tab (Glorious) | TH Tab (Legion)

Name: Cadre
Pronouns: she/they
Fusion Masterlist: #79

Cadre is the fusion consisting of the warrior of glory (Glorious) and the embodiment of many (Legion). Often rivals, they are typically incompatible with each other, but they come together when the world truly needs them both. Cadre is not an individual, for she is a nation, uniting even the most different components together towards one cause. She is ample, collected in her nature, yet commanding. A sight to behold.

Art/design by CaeliGlori.

Dec 2022-Jan 2023: Wish and Quetzalcoatl

Owner:  Stelace
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Wish

Idea: Wish

Gender: Unknown

Pronouns: any

Masterlist: #178

To wish is to dream, to aspire, to believe, to escape…

Wish is the solace and comfort for those who allow themselves to be lost in their hopes, whether that be for something they cannot easily attain, or something they want to happen despite the odds, or maybe even something as simple as indulging in hope itself. After all, wishes are just as varied as the wisher, and wanting something to be better isn’t inherently a bad thing.

Above all, Wish is a kind and gentle soul. They simply want to allow people the escape they need or the small miracles that light the dark. To wish, then, is to be something better.

Owner: VoidGremlin
TH Tab

Name: Quetzalcoatl
Pronouns: she/they
Fusion Masterlist: #82

Quetzacoatl, or Coatl, is a fusion between Anima, the Edeia of Fantasy, and Classified, the Edeia of Secrets. Both Anima and Classified were hesitant for a while before fusing, mostly due to their different personalities. Yet, the result was Coatl, who flies over cities and oceans in a barrier of storm clouds.

Coatl is a very kind fusion, but isn't afraid to be blunt with her words. She enjoys flying in the sky, spiralling as she stays among the clouds. If another Edeia came along just to vibe, the rain clouds will dissipate into a small cloud that sometimes rains.

Sometimes you can even find Coatl coiled along the beach, sunbathing while lost in thought.

Art/design by VoidGremlin.

Nov-Dec 2022: Adversity and Charade

Owner:  Rilameth
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Adversity 

Idea: Adversity 

Gender: Unknown

Pronouns: any

Masterlist: #221

Adversity can be harsh and demanding, seeking improvement in all things and believing the best path is the one that pushes someone to their limit. Only when on that hairline edge do you know the truth of who someone is.

Owner: Auspice and CaeliGlori
dA Listing | TH Tab (Rhythm) | TH Tab (Cerul)

Name: Charade
Pronouns: he/him (mostly), they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #64

Charade is a fusion between Rhythm, Edeia of Rhythm, and Cerul, Edeia of Innovation. The two had been friends for some time before Rhythm proposed they fuse, and so Charade came into being; the two continue to fuse every now and then for the fun of it. 

Charade is quite enthusiastic, putting 110% into having a great time. They are quite social and very creative. He can be rather excitable, sometimes taken off-guard by new developments, but he finds it very thrilling - he is a master of improvisation, quick to adapt and mold his situation without planning ahead. 

In addition to having both Rhythm and Cerul's original abilities, Charade can visualize rhythms on what looks like a musical staff. These are often the rhythms of other individuals, and these others are allowed and invited to innovate their own rhythm to add to the staff. This eventually creates a new rhythm, synchronized beautifully and magically influencing all who contributed to it - with effects varying depending on the rhythm. They can also create an object or effect based on the rhythms they have heard or are hearing at the moment; in some cases they can even mimic the effects of others' idea magic if they have resonated with that rhythm before. Any objects created last until he diffuses.

Aug-Nov 2022: Muse and Tact

Owner:  Cyanus-Corvus
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Muse

Idea: Inspiration

Gender: Masculine Nonbinary

Pronouns: he/they

Masterlist: #58

He’s a simple, wistful soul; capable of inspiring even the most frustrated of minds. The connection he builds for others is as though they’ve found their soulmate in a pen and even the quietest of voices feels the strength of song within themself.  He does his best to take care of those he cares about and to encourage growth- to inspire change in the healthiest sense- supportive and altruistic that every being has a story to tell.

Owner: Voidtech

Name: Tact
Pronouns: they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #55

Tact is a "what if?" fusion between two Edeia that are yet to meet. They are comprised of Tali - Edeia of Nostalgia, and Nocte - Edeia of Nyctophilia, and their contrasting worldviews make for an unstable fusion.

(Art/design of Tact by Voidtech.) 

July-Aug 2022: Song and Tenacity

Owner:  Auspice
TH Profile | dA Listing

Name: Song

Idea: Songs in Silence

Gender: Agender

Pronouns: they/them

Masterlist: #1

An entity of Silence. Sound cannot exist near them, but in that absolute, absolute silence... If you stay long enough, you can begin to hear their song. A song of the soul.

They tend to keep to themself, spending most of their time meditating, alone. They are perfectly content with solitude, though they do not object to the company of a few dear friends, as well as strangers passing by. Most who come in range of them leave quickly, but some have stayed to "listen," and part knowing more of themselves. 

Owner: CaeliGlori and  Yasahiro1011
TH Tab

Name: Tenacity
Pronouns: they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #75

A fusion comprised of Edeia that represent never-ending change (Daptis) and profound honor (Glori). Tenacity pursues to achieve all goals, no matter what challenges and obstacles are in their way. They are quick to adapt to all people and their surroundings, while holding a strong sense of prestige. Their energy is high and their worries remain low, as their selflessness gives them the vision of a hero.

(Art/design of Tenacity by CaeliGlori.) 

Jun-July 2022: Kight/Shie and Grudge

Owner:  VoidGremlin
TH Profile | dA Listing

Names: Kight (taller) and Shie (shorter)

Idea: Separation

Gender: Unclear

Pronouns: he/him (Kight), she/her (Shie)

Masterlist: #68

Twin Edeia representing the idea of Separation. These two are hardly seen apart and wander to many places, never really lingering in one place for long. Kight and Shie hope to help others through their troubles while also enjoying every moment they see the daylight.

At times, you can see Kight holding Shie on his shoulder as they float in areas. Other times, Kight is resting on the ground and Shie is reading a book she found. When friends are around, they both are very joyous to be around familiar faces. Kight and Shie are two excited individuals when they aren't apart from one another.

Owner:  UnluckiestBlackCat

Name: Grudge
Pronouns: they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #32

The culmination of unending despair and the desire for chaos. This fusion has a difficult time letting go of the past and those that might have wronged or denied them. Separately, the two may never let such feelings come to light. But together they extrude confidence and wish to cause trouble for others. Whilst being not entirely malevolent, Grudge has a tendency to ignore the subconscious tugs of second thoughts and reason. 

This fusion typically does not last very long. It is a fairly weak bond drawn from negativity that eventually comes to pass. But should the pair feel the need to admit they have been wronged with the idea that confrontation is the route to take- Grudge will allow those inner feelings to be realized.

Art/Design by UnluckiestBlackCat. 

May-Jun 2022: Vel (Revelation) and Reach

Owner:  Clorbba
TH Profile | dA Listing

Name: Vel

Idea: Revelation

Gender: Male

Pronouns: he/him, they/them

Masterlist: #233

A seeker of knowledge, Vel is kind but distant. They are known for their bouts of daydreaming, which are then followed by periods of immense activity before eventually dying down.

Although normally silent, when befriended, Vel eagerly takes off his mask and becomes incredibly warm and amiable.

Vel's idea of Revelation is enigmatic, allowing him to affect the minds of others, granting them bursts of creativity, allowing them to connect the dots and realize things that were once unknown.

Vel greatly enjoys mysteries, and once he finds one, they become enraptured, almost obsessively devoting themselves to solving it. And once he solves it, friends, beware, for he will talk your ear off, detailing to you every single aspect of what he's learned, subjecting you to a seemingly endless tangent for all eternity.

Owner:  Sykhe
TH Tab | dA Listing

Name: Reach
Pronouns: they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #24

The fusion between Invidia (Envy) and Sovereign (Ascendancy). Reach has big goals, big dreams, big ambitions. Ultimately they want to be worshipped, preferably above all else. If Mount Olympus were a real place they would climb it to become a God. They're a strong personality and while not necessarily cruel or violent they would take down those who get in their way in the right circumstances. They would prefer to only befriend those who, in their mind, recognize their position of power - which likely doesn't make them very popular. They have a higher-than-thou air about them, although they do not necessarily actively speak to others as if they are beneath them it is clear they believe as such.

Jan-Apr 2022: Auspice and Auspen/Auspicium

Owner:  Auspice
TH Profile | dA Listing

Name: Auspice

Idea: Apotheosis

Gender: Agender

Pronouns: they/them

Masterlist: #109

An Edeia representing the Idea of Apotheosis, and also my (Auspice, creator of Edeia) Edeiasona. They have a strong desire to help others discover their sense of self and achieve their high points in life, whatever they may be, and generally want both themself and others to have a good time.

They have a very dichotomous perception of self and is capable of Fission into the fragments Auspen and Auspicium.

Owner:  Auspice
dA Listing
Fission Masterlist: #1


TH Profile 

Gender: Gender-apathetic

Pronouns: they/them

Auspen is very cold and practical. They are very closed off to others and generally distrusting, keeping everyone at an arm's length. They have little tolerance for any violation of their boundaries and principles, and it is easy to lose their trust even if it has been painstakingly developed. They are also extremely blunt about any grievances they might have.


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Gender: Genderless

Pronouns: they/them

Auspicium is friendly, gentle, idealistic, and quite emotional and sentimental. They are happy to explore various activities and indulgences, meet new people, and try new things. They hope for the best in others, and will often offer a degree of trust in even those they have barely met. They are generally the type to give others the benefit of the doubt.

Dec 2021/Jan 2022: Corvus and Evigheden 

Owner:  KrisTheHuman
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Name: Corvus

Idea: Pride
Pronouns: he/him, they/them 

Corvus is a very quiet Edeia, with a stoic nature. He comes off more silent and watchful, opting to observe than interact when he feels his input is not needed. Corvus will most always choose to be a presence in a situation than a part of the situation. He does so mainly so he can choose the moments that receive input or effort, but not because he's picky of who receives his input. It's because he wants to invest his efforts in the moments that actually need it, and leave the people and situations who can do it on their own, to do it and accomplish it themselves. He looks to give those who need it, the strength for their own accomplishments to find a sense of confidence, rather than take those opportunities for success from them.

Corvus doesn't go out of his way to be social, finding peace in quiet. He doesn't feel against company, however. He's welcome to most Edeia at least approaching for introduction, or he'll approach and introduce on his own with enough interest. He's also honest of how he feels, and if asked by someone he already has previously interacted with, he will tell his opinions on any matter. Corvus also isn't against giving other Edeia advice, when asked to do so. He's most found in his own Abstraction, introspecting choices or simply enjoying the quiet.

Owner:  Sykhe
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Name: Evigheden
Pronouns: they/them, he/him
Fusion Masterlist: #36

Above all, the persistence of life. Evigheden believes that life, in of itself, is holy and will prosper. They are gentle in their care but firm in their approach. They do not abide ideas that believe life is pointless or useless. A fusion brought into the world by Espor and Sovereign, a pair of Edeia who both believe in great power, Evigheden has a strong presence but not an aggressive one. His powers amplify the strength of the life within their aura, making life of any kind harder to harm or kill while they are nearby. Espor calls for Sovereign for major catastrophies so they can form Evigheden and they will invisibly wander through forests during fires, cities during tornadoes or hurricanes, anywhere they feel life might need a little help propsering in that moment.

Nov/Dec 2021: Onyx and Ideation 

Owner: Lightstar
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Name: Onyx

Idea: Leap of Faith

Gender: Nonbinary
Pronouns: they/them 

Onyx is quite a confident fella, wandering around the world with their head held up high. The Edeia is optimistic in nature and tries to see everything in a positive manner even if the world sometimes plays against them. They have learned to handle their negative feelings of failure, turning them into faith and hope.

Onyx loves to interact with others, Edeia or not, and learn more about them. They enjoy visiting others' Abstractions, talking with other Edeia about the topics they love most. They want everyone to feel cared about, and they especially try to find people who lost their will to fight for another day - helping them back onto their feet and encouraging them to try again.

Owner:  Auspice
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Name: Ideation
Pronouns: plural they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #0

The first fusion in the world of Ideation, between the first two Edeia: Consciousness and Concept. They are capable of granting an Idea to a being that did not previously have one. Additionally, those who are born near or spend a long time near them/their fragments have a higher likelihood of developing an Idea even without their intervention. 

Consciousness and Concept will occasionally form Ideation when they feel their presence would benefit someone—if they have one desire, it is to allow all to achieve self-actualization. 

Oct/Nov 2021: Friend and Concord

Owner: CaeliGlori
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Name: Friend

Idea: Joy
Pronouns: he/any 

An Edeia representing the Idea of Joy

Owner:  Auspice
TH Tab

Name: Concord
Pronouns: they/she/any
Fusion Masterlist: #41

A fusion between Pacific and Order, two Edeia who are close friends with one another. Order originally sought out Pacific for practical reasons, to assist in making the establishment of a supergovernment go smoothly. Over time, however, Pacific was able to breach Order's more emotional side and establish a strong friendship - and Concord came to be as part of the progression of that friendship. 

In terms of abilities, Concord has the ability to keep others calm, rational, and open to empathy and understanding. This is particularly applicable for arguments or negotiations or such where others might angrily reject an idea immediately. Additionally, they can exert a subtle influence of compliance towards a majority decision - the more people agree with something, the more even more people will agree. This does not take away free will, however, and others are still able to make counterarguments, suggestions, etc. which will be received openly and civilly due to Concord's calming aura. 

Sep/Oct 2021: Ai and Kroma

Owner:  VesselofEve
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Name: Ai
Idea: Ailurophilia (love of cats)
Pronouns: they/them
Masterlist: #77

An Edeia who loves cats of all types, big and small! Even leopards, house cats, feral cats - a bit tricky to be friends with, but Ai loves them nonetheless. 

Ai is generally friendly but has picked up various behaviors and habits of cats, ending up acting like one - which may be unsurprising with the company they keep. They love cuddles and a good nap every once in awhile. However, they will become angry if you hurt one the precious kitties!

Owner: UnluckiestBlackCat
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Name: Kroma
Pronouns: they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #37

A fusion between Desarae, Edeia of Despair, and Decibel, Edeia of Sound. Together they form Kroma, a gentle entity fumbling through the darkness of their own minds. 

A faint sound emanates from Kroma, much like a heartbeat, that when heard by others speaks to their own heart and reminds them of better times. 

They don't particularly enjoy seeing others in misery, and though they are too shy to speak, Kroma will sing a melancholic tune to take others out of their despair and carry their minds to a better place. A calming oasis. 

Kroma is able to tell at a glance both what despairs another and what can be done to remedy it.

Art/Design by UnluckiestBlackCat.

Aug/Sep 2021: "The Watcher" and Risim

Owner: Cyanus-Corvus
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Name: "The Watcher"
Idea: Anxiety
Gender: None
Pronouns: it/they/we
Masterlist: #26

An Edeia representing the Idea of Anxiety. 

Owner: Auspice and VoidGremlin
dA Listing | TH Tab (Truth) | TH Tab (Arma)

Name: Risim (short for Verisimilitude)
Pronouns: they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #44

Risim is a three-way fusion between Truth (the Edeia of Truth), Midnight (the Edeia of Gremlin), and Ini-meg (a non-Edeia celestial), though it is particularly a fusion between Truth and Armageddon, the fusion between Midnight and Ini-meg. 

While Midnight's chaotic nature normally conflicts with Truth's solemn and serious nature, Armageddon and Truth get along quite well. Armageddon is much more calm and collected, and Truth does not mind her more timid and wary nature, either. Truth had invited Armageddon to join them for their meditations, and through conversations and company, they developed a good friendship that eventually resulted in their fusion. 

As Risim, they have Truth's penchant for brutal honesty and sharp words. They are still wary of others, but their guardedness manifests more in verbal reprimands than physical attacks. They may at times have less of a filter, but they still speak only the truth. 

Despite their intimidating presence, they have a great fondness for soft things and enjoy tactile comforts and affectionate gestures. That said, an individual must be trusted by all three components to at least some extent to be trusted by Risim, so most only get the receiving end of their more standoffish side. 

Bonus note: their palms are supremely soft. 

June/July 2021: Truth and North

Owner: Auspice 
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Name: Truth
Idea: Truth
Pronouns: they/them
Masterlist: #70

An Edeia who seeks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. To most, they may seem emotionless - and that is the kind of presence they wish to have. An unyielding, impartial presence that favors no individual. They value fairness, honesty, integrity, and respect, and they do have a positive regard for those who uphold those values, though they still do not allow that to sway their judgement. That said, they are on the short-tempered side, and become curt with others easily. And - while this is a rarer occurrence - when they are truly angry at someone, they are willing to wield truth to hurt. 

Owner: Voidtech
dA Listing

Name: North
Pronouns: they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #2

North is an occasional fusion between Ohra – the Edeia of comfort, and Nocte – the Edeia of nyctophilia. The two Edeia are old friends and are very close, but often travel separately. Sometimes they would meet, and come together into a fusion to share memories of their travels and of new things they learned. As a fusion, North is a being of quiet calmness, and they would go to great lengths to help and guide those who are literally or metaphorically lost in the dark.

Art by Voidtech

May/June 2021: Decibel and Onie 

Owner: UnLuckiestBlackCat
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Name: Decibel
Idea: Sound
Pronouns: he/they
Masterlist: #102

Db is a gentle Edeia who actualized surrounding the concept of sound. They enjoy both the absence of sound and the joys of it, but are mostly fond of music. He often finds a song within the small things and surrounds himself with a constant hum of objects with sound capabilities.

Db is still rather new to being associated as an Edeia, though enjoys it regardless. He always knew that sound would be a precious part of him, and now, with his every conscious moment - Db is able to represent his passions in a manifestation of harmonies.

Owner: Sykhe
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Name: Onie
Pronouns: any/they
Fusion Masterlist: #19

A permafusion between the Edeia of tenacity and self control, Onie believes that with these traits anyone can be anything. Onie is good at helping one focus in on their goals and take steps to getting what they want out of life. They are a cool, collected individual who tries to act in all ways with great care. They have only unfused a handful of times since they decided to fuse because being together feels so natural, as if they balance each other out somehow.

Apr/May 2021: Amoha

Owner: CaeliGlori
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Name: Amoha
Idea: Purity/Chastity
Pronouns: she/they
Masterlist: #89

Amoha practiced abstinence before their Actualization, and their powers include purifying material than can be purified to its basic form - for instance, taking the impurities out of food, water, and other compounds.

In terms of personality, they are very motherly and protective of those they care about - though they can talk for hours about their day rather than doing some particular task. They are also very oblivious when others flirt with them. 

Mar/April 2021: Noire

Owner:  VoidGremlin
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Names: Noire

Idea: Void

Gender: Nonbinary 

Pronouns: he/him, they/them

Age: 80+ human years

Masterlist: #43

An Edeia representing the idea of Void. Noire is a hostile Edeia to others of their kind but keeps to themselves within their Abstraction. This Edeia is very silent in nature but, when hungering for more energy/matter, he becomes unpredictable and incredibly forceful. Noire devours and consumes the "unnecessary" wherever he roams, and tends to do his best to keep himself well satisfied. Otherwise, he'll even look to other Edeia to fulfill the fill the void in his body.

Despite the potential danger of getting close to Noire's misty body, this Edeia is actually very calm if you catch him on full days. Noire allows other Edeia to cross through his massive Abstraction freely and observes a lot. The Edeia does not hate much others but prefers them to keep their distance. Noire can be nasty if he doesn't wish to be bothered.

Feb/Mar 2021: Aetheris

Owner: IssacWild
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Names: Aetheris

Idea: Myth/Folklore

Gender: Nonbinary 

Pronouns: they/them

Masterlist: #46

Aetheris is a motherly Edeia who loves small things. They are also 1200 feet tall.