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The world of the Edeia

Ideation is the world of the Edeia - a closed species created by Auspice. They are manifestations of abstract concepts that have magical abilities based on their Idea. The activities are primarily based in Deviantart and the Discord server. If you would like to get one of your own, see the Acquisition section.

The Edeia (plural: Edeia, pronunciation [ee-DAY-uh]) are born from the power of ideas - many used to be human, but any creature can become one. Those who have that potential will have an Idea, a concept they identify strongly with, and magical abilities associated with it. Through the discovery and exploration of their identity as well as attunement to their Idea, those beings will Actualize - their physical body is consumed and replaced with one composed entirely of their own magic. 

This is a world where such beings have a chance to become who they wish to be, to connect with their identity in a deep, fundamental way. 

Now then... who do you wish to be?

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Advice on developing your Edeia. 

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