Edeia of the Month

The Edeia/Fusion of the Month is simply an invitation for all of you to draw the featured Edeia! Something nice to do, if you're in the giving spirit. It could be something simple or not, but be sure to tag the owner if you do make anything. You can also submit to the Events dA group folder.

Edeia of the Month: Mizzle

Owner: IssacWild
dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: Mizzle

Idea: Tempest

Gender: Female

Pronouns: she/her

Masterlist: #81

A bit chaotic in her personality, her moods always seem to go to the extreme. She enjoys pranks, games with alot of activity and hates to stand still. Her hair and tails always appear to be blowing in the wind (even when the air is still.)

Fusion of the Month: Toshikyo

Fusion between Toshi and Kyoko

Owner:  Sykhe
dA Listing | TH Tab

Name: Toshikyo
Pronouns: they/we
Fusion Masterlist: #97

Toshikyo is the fusion of the soulbound twins Toshi & Kyoko. They prefer to be fused when they interact with most, rather than as separate pieces because they feel more comfortable together. Toshikyo is a very reserved being who has a hard time socializing until they are very close with the outsider.

About Edeia/Fusion/Fission of the Month

The Edeia of the Month and Fusion/Fission of the Month is mostly a monthly appreciation of an Edeia and a fusion or fission; others are welcome to draw gift art for them. The Edeia is usually chosen with the help of a random number generator. Since there are numerous Edeia, each character can only be featured once. One thing you might consider is drawing the Edeia and/or Fusion/Fission of the Month for your prompt! 

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