Edeia of the Month

The Edeia/Fusion of the Month is simply an invitation for all of you to draw the featured Edeia! Something nice to do, if you're in the giving spirit. It could be something simple or not, but be sure to tag the owner if you do make anything. You can also submit to the Events dA group folder.

Edeia of the Month: Health

dA Listing | TH Profile

Name: "Health"
Idea: Health
Gender: Androgynous
Pronouns: any
Masterlist: #162

"Health" doesn't have a proper name. He claims he is an embodiment of the "God of Health" already featured in the realm and often shadows him and does shadow-work under him. A lot will consider them the same entity, sometimes even referring to them with the same pseudonym of "Aeson", but not many have seen this Edeia as they do not like the attention the "primary entity" does. He tries to make sure those who follow him are in good standing health but sometimes when those are in their final moments he will stay with them to give them the illusion of good-health and peace prior to their parting.

Fusion of the Month: Reumin

Fusion between Wist, Nisce, and Reiu

Owner:  Auspice
TH Tab

Name: Reumin [ROO-min]
Pronouns: they/he/ra/we
Fusion Masterlist: #108

Reumin is the soultwined fusion of Wist (Wistfulness), Reiu (Reunion), and Nisce (Reminiscence). They are often seen in this state; the three are fused together about as much as they are apart, and it is natural for them to freely fuse and diffuse. 

They have a solemn gravitas, and their presence often holds a deep empathic sway over those interacting with them, though the effect is less significant other Edeia - that is, they feel deeply, and those feelings are echoed into those nearby. Many may be brought to tears when they share something poignant. They will lend an ear to those who ache of what the past had left them with, and will help those individuals remember the good parts, move on, or seek out a reunion they desire.

About Edeia/Fusion/Fission of the Month

The Edeia of the Month and Fusion/Fission of the Month is mostly a monthly appreciation of an Edeia and a fusion or fission; others are welcome to draw gift art for them. One thing you might consider is drawing the Edeia and/or Fusion/Fission of the Month for your prompt!

The Edeia is generally chosen from all the Edeia in the ML with the help of a random number generator.  All Edeia, fusions, and fissions are automatically eligible if they have a valid entry on the ML; fusions and fissions marked as "incomplete" are not valid. 

The feature must be accepted by the owner and can be turned down. If a response is not received after two days, someone else will be picked. The owner can make some notes about permissions/preferences/etc. for if any gift art is made for their character. 

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