Edeia of the Month

The Edeia/Fusion of the Month is simply an invitation for all of you to draw the featured Edeia! Something nice to do, if you're in the giving spirit. It could be something simple or not, but be sure to tag the owner if you do make anything. You can also submit to the Events dA group folder.

Edeia of the Month: Song

Owner: Auspice
TH Profile | dA Listing

Name: Song

Idea: Songs in Silence

Gender: Agender

Pronouns: they/them

Masterlist: #1

An entity of Silence. Sound cannot exist near them, but in that absolute, absolute silence... If you stay long enough, you can begin to hear their song. A song of the soul.

They tend to keep to themself, spending most of their time meditating, alone. They are perfectly content with solitude, though they do not object to the company of a few dear friends, as well as strangers passing by. Most who come in range of them leave quickly, but some have stayed to "listen," and part knowing more of themselves.

Fusion of the Month: Tenacity

Fusion between Glorious and Daptis

Owner: CaeliGlori and Yasahiro1011
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Name: Tenacity
Pronouns: they/them
Fusion Masterlist: #75

A fusion comprised of Edeia that represent never-ending change (Daptis) and profound honor (Glori). Tenacity pursues to achieve all goals, no matter what challenges and obstacles are in their way. They are quick to adapt to all people and their surroundings, while holding a strong sense of prestige. Their energy is high and their worries remain low, as their selflessness gives them the vision of a hero.

(Art/design of Tenacity by CaeliGlori.)

About Edeia/Fusion/Fission of the Month

The Edeia of the Month and Fusion/Fission of the Month is mostly a monthly appreciation of an Edeia and a fusion or fission; others are welcome to draw gift art for them. The Edeia is usually chosen with the help of a random number generator. Since there are numerous Edeia, each character can only be featured once. One thing you might consider is drawing the Edeia and/or Fusion/Fission of the Month for your prompt!

  • The Fusion of the Month can also be the Fission of the Month; fissions are included in the draw for that category. The owner will be asked if they wish to feature a particular fragment, in which case each fragment can be separately featured when the number is drawn again, or if they would prefer to feature all fragments together.

  • The feature must be accepted by the owner and can be turned down. If I do not get a response after two days, I will pick someone else.

  • The owner can make some notes about permissions/preferences/etc. for if any gift art is made for their character.

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