NPC Prompts

These are prompts that can be used for writing or drawing NPCs; you may complete them without prior permission from Auspice, bypassing ask permission requirements in their normal guidelines. They can be completed for Inspiration, a special prompt currency different from Figments ♦, or they can be completed as part of FTO prompts.

You can earn a maximum of seven (7) Inspirations ✧ every month. See usage here.

Please review the NPC lore (on TH profiles mostly) and interaction guidelines (on the NPC page) if you intend to use them. 

You are free to take creative liberties. It is preferred that you minimally consult Auspice if at all for these unless it is for general information about the NPCs that is still unclear; these prompts are for you to explore. Auspice may accept these as canon and an expansion to the lore, but even if not, perhaps they occur in some other timeline. You can think of them as similar to fanfic/fanart for the NPCs. If you permit, Auspice may make edits/adjustments and then possibly accept them as canon; you can also specifically request more stringent feedback to make it canon, such as if you want to use it as part of your OC's story. 

You can combine prompts. You are welcome to suggest new prompts to Auspice to add to these. 


Please read the requirements carefully. 

You may make a big piece (e.g. artwork quality comic, long writing, long comic, long animation, etc.) that fills multiple prompts, but they must meet each of the requirements separately.

Unless otherwise specified, you can complete the same prompt multiple times. However, you cannot complete the same prompt twice in a row, and you cannot complete the same prompt multiple times in the same month. All Routine prompts count as the "same" by this criteria. If you complete the same prompt for the same NPC, you should depict something new and not the same scene/activity/interaction/etc. 

Symmetrical pieces (i.e. using the symmetry tool for a majority or all of the piece) are not accepted. 

Writing requirements are always the same: 

The requirements for art-types depend on the complexity of the design. 

See requirements below. 

Simple Requirements

If it is artwork:

If it is a comic: 

If it is animation:

Normal Requirements

If it is artwork:

If it is a comic: 

If it is animation:

Complex Requirements

If it is artwork:

If it is a comic: 

If it is animation:


You may submit NPC prompts like monthly prompts - the #prompt-submissions channel of the Discord server is most convenient. Please post on some social media somewhere, such as Deviantart, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and provide the link in your submission. If you can only use TH, consult with Auspice. 

Auspice will upload submissions to an NPC Prompt Submissions sub-gallery of the NPCs' TH profiles as well.  


We are many things. Many call us Ideation. We appear before you now to offer - a chance for you to become who you are, who you wish to be. 

Writing Tips: Ideation prefers not to communicate through language, though they are capable of it. Instead, they most often communicate through concepts, abstract thoughts, and mental images - though this can be represented by italicized (or not) "dialogue" in text. They move slowly, drifting as though underwater, though they also often teleport in short range, moving instantly to another spot. When granting an Idea to another being, they will often approach and wrap their tendrils around the individual in question. 

Quote Examples: 


We are all. All are us.

Writing Tips: Consciousness does not communicate via spoken language, only by meaning and often abstract thought. This can be represented by italicized (or not) "dialogue" in text, though it is often disjointed. They move as if underwater, tendrils trailing behind them. Those in their presence will often feel echoes of their vastness - a feeling like their mind is expanded, yet only a single point in an unfathomable vastness. 

Quote Examples: 


What are you? What am I?

Writing Tips: Concept communicates more via meaning, images, and concepts, though they can use language in some circumstances. If they do speak, it is telepathic, and it is often with a pensive, contemplative, and/or philosophical aura. What does it mean to exist? What is all this, around you and me? Their facets shimmer in strange refractions of light to those who gaze upon them; those in their presence may feel a strange surreal aura, as though everything around them becomes abstracted into concept. They tend to float idly, a field of repulsion around them preventing others from touching them unless they allow it. 

Quote Examples: 


Everything that happened, everything that could have happened, everything that could happen in the future. How so many things could have changed with a singular decision. Possibility is infinite. It is boundless.

Writing Tips: Most of the time, Possibility drifts aimlessly. Its sense of awareness revolves around the infinity of possibilities, so at a singular moment it is often unresponsive to any other entity. They do not resist if another being attempts to transport them. They do often teleport randomly, and cannot be contained by any means - for there is always a possibly where it is not contained. That said, there are times when it pulls its focus to a singular moment, dedicating its mind and self to the present. They rarely do this, but when they do it is typically to help an individual overwrite their history. When they are present, Possibility is gentle but also firm and focused; they speak frankly, mincing no words.  They tend to communicate via intent and feelings rather than words, though they may use language as well.

Art Tips: The main body and halos would be considered fullbody; the tendrils are optional and can be cropped freely. 

Quote Examples: 


Thus we all came to be.

(Note - sometimes they have difficulty with verbal language, and try to communicate abstractly instead.) 

Writing Tips: Sometimes, Firmament has difficulty with verbal language, and will try to communicate abstractly instead. Their manner is almost wondrous and childlike, through they "speak" very stiffly or simply communicate with concepts. They are used to processing on a scale much more vast than that of most beings, both in terms of time and space, and they can come across as stilted. 

Art Tips: You do not need to replicate the pattern/texture in their main image - you could do squiggles as seen in their humanoid form image. You may come up with different forms for them.

Quote Examples: 

Life and Death | Aetherium 

"We have lived, we have died. Such is life. Such is death."

Writing Tips: Life is the more shy and softspoken of the two, unused to interacting with mature beings (as opposed to new lifeforms that have yet to understand their existence, and souls that can barely respond at all). When they appear in the mundane plane, they are prone to fleeing from sapient beings, though they enjoy surrounding themself with nature and wildlife. They observe the lives of those in the mundane plane with something like awe but also with a sense of distance, like an artist observing a painting, or an author reading a book. Those in their presence may feel revitalized, new again. Death is much more confident, more used to interacting with other sapient beings. They might converse with some individuals before granting them a desired death, for instance, or even comfort individuals before they take their last breath. Those in their presence may feel a certain heaviness - not necessarily a bad one, but heavy. As Aetherium, they have a grand but distant presence. They are not unkind, yet they are not swayed by the transient miseries and joys of existence between birth and death. They are not apathetic, but neutrality dominates their demeanor. 

Quote Examples:




"The world must have order. It need not be perfect; it need not be rigid. Even chaos can have an order to it. But one way or another, order is necessary." 

Order has complex lore; in addition to their profile lore and interaction guidelines, please refer to History.

Writing Tips: Order is a very direct and succinct individual; they are quite honest, with little desire to mince their words. In most cases, they have no desire for idle chatter - they will get to their point and want the other to get to their point as well. If they feel that a conversation is wasting their time and mental energy, they will state that they have no desire to listen to aimless rambling and state that they have other affairs to attend to before leaving. They will listen to any and all valid points and take the time to think through their decisions, but once they make their decisions, they are firm and decisive. In an appointment, they are less likely to abruptly end a conversation, but if the other starts repeating points, going on a tangent, or beating around the bush, Order will firmly direct them to get to their point. 

They float most of the time, drifting slowly in the air, though may do quick short-range teleports that leave a brief afterimage like a flash from a reflection on glass to move to a specific point. 

Quote Examples: 



Writing Tips: Data is very excitable when it comes to data - information both new and familiar. Their main body is often in their Abstraction or near Order, though their fragments are all across reunited society. 

The dark panels of their body float smoothly, with the circuits flowing directionally in pulses of light. Their cubes may float idly if they are relaxed, and may spin or move in jerky motions if they are excited by something. If they are in a manic state from consuming an enormous amount of data, they will often be in their alt or dragon form and move in extremely jerky motions, crawling over the floor and walls. They may sometimes display text emojis in their main cube. 

Quote Examples: 

Note: Their text is typically stylized as monospaced text, but that is not required. 

Ritual | Rial and Tial

"We all have rituals in our lives. But perhaps... you seek a greater power from them. Shall we see what you have to offer, then?"

Writing Tips: Rial and Tial behave very similarly. The two fluidly fuse and unfuse as it is convenient; they are as much one as they are two. They act and speak with great gravitas and ceremoniousness, with grand, dramatic gestures against the backlight of red flame in darkness (for instance). 

Quote Examples: 


"My dears, live your life to the fullest!" 

Writing Tips: Most of what they do is with fabulous flair and grace, shining both literally and figuratively with their powerful aura. They may use terms such as "dear" and "darling" when speaking, though if the other is clearly uncomfortable with it, they will stop.

Quote Examples: 


"You are safe now..."

Writing Tips: They have little sense of time, and can easily sit somewhere for years without any concerns. In fact, sometimes they may simply enter a Sanctuary and sit somewhere, existing little differently from a tree. They are unbothered by others climbing on them, though whether or not they react may depend on their current level of focus and how insistent the presence is. If they are caught when they are aware, they may even be playful with those who might want to swing around upon them. 

They tend to move slowly and deliberately; if others are nearby, they are careful not to harm others with their massive form. The patterns in their cape move, but as slowly as the stars in the sky. 

Quote Examples: