FTO Prompts

The FTO Prompts are a series of prompts first-time owners (those who do not and have never owned an Edeia) can complete for an unofficial Edeia to acquire a free Edeia MYO or notion slot for that Edeia. This is for people who: 

The above criteria are not required, but if they do not all apply to you, it is encouraged for you to reconsider - other options may be easier

As a note, you will need to be in the Edeia Discord and have a Toyhou.se account for the MYO. If you need an invitation, Auspice can provide it. 

For artwork, both digital and traditional is accepted. If it is truly not feasible for you to color with traditional art, consult Auspice with example(s) of work to be considered. 

1. Conceptualization

Complete a Conceptualization form for your unofficial Edeia and send it to Auspice to review. Please submit to the #conceptualization-submissions channel of the Discord. This will count for your one default Standard Submission. 

You do not need to provide the height chart image, of course, but please still include the height (number or comparative size). Please consider adding the Edeia to the Height Chart once they are made, but this is not enforced. 

Please wait for the Conceptualization to be approved prior to continuing. 

2. Previous Form

Design the previous form for your Edeia. The main goal of this is to depict the design; you can draw it yourself, ask someone else to draw it, use a base, or use a Picrew

In general, requirements are as follows: 

However, if you use a Picrew or a non-fullbody base, you must provide a detailed description with the following information: 

It should be detailed enough that most people (mostly Auspice) can clearly, and relatively unambiguously, envision what the character looks like. 

3. Development

Complete any two Development Prompts. Note that if you are doing artwork, you must use their previous form. If you are doing writing, any suitable prompt can work, and you may use the unofficial Edeia directly; you may allude to general characteristics such as hands, eyes, wings, claws, body type, general colors, etc.  

If you later choose to complete all the Development Prompts for this Edeia, the ones you complete here can count towards completion. 

4. Another

Draw or write something depicting someone else's Edeia according to the Development Prompt requirements (minus the blurb requirement for art-type prompts).  

Here are some options for finding a subject: 

5. The Presences (optional)

Complete an NPC Prompt. If it is writing, you may include your unofficial Edeia. 

This step is optional; you may do it if you wish to upgrade your MYO to a notion slot. Extra specifications can be added with USD or figments. Note that Auspice will not refer to your prompt entries as references for any characteristics.  


Besides the Conceptualization, submission of all prompts occurs once. 

Note that if you share artwork in the server and mention that it is for the FTO prompts, Auspice may choose to comment if there are any issues - as a sort of informal prior review. 

To claim the MYO slot, you must do the following: 

Auspice will review the prompts. If the submission qualifies, they will record your MYO slot and you may submit your design via the MYO process. Or, if you have upgraded to a notion slot, they will ask you to provide the notion form.